Past Trauma

Current research suggests that trauma may be the cause of many problems, causing physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and social symptoms.  When past trauma goes untreated, it can influence all aspects of a person’s life.  If you have trauma in your past that you have never processed, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Physical

    • Racing heart

    • Exaggerated startle response

    • Sleep difficulties

    • Headaches

    • Appetite change

    • Sexual dysfunction

    • Lack of energy

  • Emotional

    • Anxiety, fearfulness, panic attacks

    • Depression, hopelessness

    • Guilt, shame

    • Feeling trapped, inadequate, powerless

    • Grief

  • Cognitive

    • Negative thinking patterns

    • Difficulty concentrating, memory

    • Difficulty making decisions

    • Easily Distracted

  • Behavioral

    • Addictive/Compulsive behaviors (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, relationships)

  • Social

    • Conflict/hostility in relationships

    • Isolation/Withdrawal

    • Fear of abandonment

    • Attempt to control others

I know that it can be extremely difficult to confront your past and talk about hurtful and overwhelming experiences.  Through my approach to past trauma counseling, I can walk alongside you and help you understand how the intense events in your past now influence your present-day thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

Through a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, compassion focused therapy, mindfulness skills and relaxation techniques, I can free you from self-defeating thoughts and emotions like shame, fear, and anger.  Let me help you discover your inner strength to break free from the chains of the past.

I invite you to call or email me when you're ready to resolve the past, and we’ll get started.  I look forward to working with you!