You want to be optimistic and fun. You want to be a good partner, friend, daughter, or sister. But everything seems so hard and you just don’t feel like yourself.

Perhaps it started with a loss–like a tough breakup or a death. Maybe it comes from something deeper in your past – an unresolved trauma or abuse situation that you’ve never been able to talk about.

Though you try to remind yourself that you have a beautiful life ahead of you, you can’t shake this sense of emptiness. You’re starting to feel like your own worst enemy.  

You don’t have to face your struggles alone.  It’s time to ask for support.

The people closest to you, as much as they care, simply can’t understand what you’re going through.  They may try to help, but they can’t make your pain go away.

That’s why you turn to an empathetic, non-judgmental professional who will help you see your life in a new way and support your healing process.

Brittany Hewitt is a licensed professional counselor dedicated to helping you redefine what happiness and wholeness mean for you.

Counseling isn’t about seeing someone who will tell you what to do to make it all better. Instead, as your therapist Brittany will help you:

  • Come to your own conclusions about what to do with your life

  • Get to know your own thoughts and emotions and understand where they are coming from

  • Set specific goals related to how you want to feel and the changes you want to make

When you understand how you really feel, you can move forward with self-awareness. You can resolve past hurts and you can meet life’s everyday challenges with confidence.

Brittany is the co-founder and clinical director of Heal ATL Counseling & Wellness practice in Atlanta. Please click below to find out more about the practice!

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